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A guardian of the person makes personal and health decisions for the ward, such as where s/he will live, which doctors s/he sees, authorize or approve medical or other professional care, whether or not s/he can drive, and where s/he is allowed to go. A guardian of the estate manages the finances, and must manage the estate in the ward’s best interests. Oftentimes, one person handles both areas to simplify the administration and care of the incompetent.

Ohio law provides that the least restrictive means must be considered to represent an incompetent person. Thus, every person has the right to name a person to serve as their agent to handle their financial matters (through a Power of Attorney) and to make personal and medical decisions (through advance health care directives), should the person become unable to handle their own matters. An interested party files the application for guardianship in the probate court in the county where the proposed ward resides or has a legal settlement. 

Attorney Durbin has handled guardianship & civil land sale matters. Contact her for a free consultation to assist with your guardianship needs.

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Guardianship is the state's way of protecting its vulnerable citizens who can no longer manage their own financial or personal affairs. The state is superior guardian, and a qualified person is appointed by the probate court to handle the care and management of the person, the estate (the financials), or both if needed. 

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