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Recently lost a loved one and need help with Probate?

Akron Probate Lawyer Deanna Durbin assists local families, as well as out-of-state personal representatives, with effective and timely handling of their loved one's estate, including probate, trust administration and/or survivorship affidavits or deeds. Attorney Durbin is experienced with the probate process, and can help you comply with applicable state and local court rules, your fiduciary duties, and navigating the probate process as efficiently as possible. 

​1262 Ledgewood Drive, Akron OH 44333 , ​ ​Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (evening/weekend appts. upon request)

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​​​​​​With a focus on probate, estate administration, and estate planning, probate lawyer Deanna Durbin provides quality, compassionate, affordable legal services that you can trust. Call 330-472-2083 or email today for a free, personal consultation.    

Haven't gotten around to doing your estate planning yet?

Have an old, outdated estate plan?

Akron Estate lawyer Deanna Durbin can help you prepare and plan for the future based on your individual wishes and needs. Be prepared if something should happen and you need assistance with finances or health care decisions. Document your end of life choices and what you want to happen to your estate. Learn more about wills, durable power of attorneys, medical directives including Health Care Power of Attorney & Living Wills.