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Depending on a person's wishes and needs, other estate planning documents may be considered, such as:

Revocable Living Trust - a living trust may be appropriate in some situations, such as to provide individualized planning for a grantors spouse and children often in the case of blended families, or to provide for children who may have creditor or spendthrift issues.

HIPAA Waiver - this documents a person’s wishes concerning who can obtain their health care information. This may be helpful if a person wants to grant this authority to more persons than he or she named in their health care POA.

Organ Donor Form - this documents a person’s wishes concerning the specific nature and use of their planned organ donation. This may be helpful to ensure use is consistent with the person's wishes.

Disposition of Remains - this documents a person’s wishes concerning who they want to serve as their agent(s) for funeral arrangements, services, and final disposition. This may be helpful to prevent issues if there is potential disagreement as to final arrangements.

It is very important to select someone you trust to serve as your Agent.

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